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In a relaxing neoclassic atmosphere at Giglio restaurant you can continue eating some dishes of the roman and Italian classical cuisine with some typical dishes that you can eat regularly, as Gnocchi di Semolino alla Romana (Roman-style semolina gnocchi – dumplings) every Tuesday – Gnocchi di Patate (Potatoes gnocchi) every Thursday – Pasta e Ceci (Pasta with chickpeas) and Baccalà (Cod fish with tomato, pine nuts and raisins sauce with potatoes) every Friday.
The Abbacchio a scottadito o al forno (roast lamb, grilled or roasted), is at disposal every day and you will find all the other dishes (Ox tail, Trips or Coratella) following availability.
Every day (except in summer), always following the tradition, you can enjoy the Carrello dei bolliti (assorted boiled meat – large choice from the cart), served with different sauces.
Particular attention is dedicated to the choice of our meats that come mainly from Tuscany and the choice of our Bistecca alla Fiorentina, for which are used only meats of the supreme Chianina race.
A selection of fishes, rigorously fresh, has been added to all our “historical” dishes. Moreover, every day in the menu there are first and second courses that have often been a reference to the “Opera”, as the Fettuccine alla Tosca, Tonnarelli all’IRIS, and Pennoni a La Boheme.
There is also a wide choice of wines from the best Italian wine cellars.

Some specialities from our menu

If you wish a personalized menu for a special meal please contact us and we will be happy to give you our best advices.

Carpaccio di Spigola all’Arancia
Orange-flavored Carpaccio of sea bass

Salmone Affumicato
Smoked Salmon

Zuppa Ribollita Fiorentina
Florentine bread & vegetable soup

Fettuccine al Tonno fresco Menta e Pistacchi
Fettuccine with fresh Tuna, mint and pistachio nut sauce

Gnocchi di Semolino alla Romana
Roman-style semolina gnocchi (dumplings)

Gnocchi di Patate al Ragout
Potatoes gnocchi (dumplings) with meat sauce

Lasagne alla Giglio
Green or Red Lasagne Giglio style

Gnocchi di Patate alle Vongole Veraci
Potatoes gnocchi (dumplings) with clams

Penne all’Amatriciana
Short pasta with onion, tomato and bacon sauce

Ravioli al Capriccio
Ravioli with ham, mushrooms and tomato sauce

Risotto Rosa al Cavolo Cappuccio
Pink Rice with Red Cabbage cream

Tonnarelli “Cacio e Pepe”
Tonnarelli with spicy ewe cheese and pepper

Abbacchio al Forno Con Patate
Roast Lamb with roasted potatoes

Bolliti misti (servizio al carrello)
Assorted boiled meat (large choice from the cart)

Coda alla “Vaccinara”
Ox tail “Vaccinara” style

Ossobuco di Vitello alla Milanese
Veal Knuckle with mushrooms & rice

Petto di Vitello alla Fornara con Patate
Roast Breast of Veal with potatoes

Saltimbocca alla Romana
Veal escalopes with ham and sage

Vitello Tonnato con Capperi
Veal in Tuna sauce with capers (cold dish)

Baccalà in Guazzetto con patate Pinoli e Uvetta
Cod fish with tomato, pine nuts and raisins sauce with potatoes

Scaloppine di Pesce Spada con Zucchine
Swordfish escalopes with zucchini

Tagliata di Tonno Fresco al Rosmarino
Sliced Fresh Tuna with rosemary

Typical Italian dessert with coffee

Crème caramel
Typical Italian dessert with caramel

Tartufo di pizzo calabro
Typical ice cream from Calabria region

Ampia scelta di vini delle migliori cantine italiane
Wide choice of wines from the best Italian wine cellars